Coltrane, Live @the Village Vangaurd: What Child Is This?



• Born June 15, Hillsboro, Oregon to a family of teachers, including parents Harold Mitchell & Gladys Marrie + older sibs Mary Elizabeth & James Mitchell
~ fabulous, diverse & loving advanced degree achievers, all.

Coltrane, Live @the Village Vangaurd: Miles Mode / aka. The Red Planet



• Parents discover angry voices or family arguments make their new baby Phil upset & intolerable


• Consistently kept his mother from leaving evening concerts at intermission by throwing crying fits in retaliation
~ lesson learned!


• Began regularly assembling and playing ‘found instruments’ with Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, + a faded brown-ish red hard xylophone mallet, often accompanied by a Herb Alpert’s Tiajuana Brass LP

 Alpert’s Mexican Shuffle

Alpert’s A Taste of Honey



• Discovered grandfather’s antique snare drum, adding it to his traps, and then began practicing to Disney’s Fantasia soundtrack
~’Tis such a shame that Stokowski missed this, my classical debut.

 Disney’s Fantasia, (1940)


• still unresponsive to being called by my first name — wasn’t it: Baldy; Curly; Flip; Flip-de-heimer; Flippinheimer Smith; Phillippe; Phil-leap; Phillip, Hey; No; Jack-ass; Oh Gawd; Hell; Jesus Christ . . .
~ Well, at least I knew my address & phone #(!)


• Repeatedly requested drum lessons
• “I’m dreaming of a sparkle-blue drum-set”


• Unrelentingly requested drum lessons


• Received a practice pad + over-sized plastic tip marching sticks, and piano lessons – in lieu of drum lessons
~ foiled again(!)


• Began first drum lessons with Pacific University student Chris Scheller  – after realizing that I despised practicing the infantile Diller-Quaille piano “music” method
~ Where were saviors Satie, Bartok or even the fab 4 hiding(?)


• Joined the Forest Grove public school instrumental music program (through 1979)
• Studied privately with inspirational Bay area native Rick O’Connell who introduced rudiments, Funk, Buddy Rich and Elvin Jones
~ featuring my house-wide simul-casts of “music + one”, ala’ rock beat 1-A variants & 16th note fills.  Hey, ya gotta start somewhere(!)
• O’Connell’s LP suggestions to mom & dad for my first jazz Xmas: Buddy Rich, Live in London + Elvin Jones, Merry Go Round.  If you don’t have it, find this Elvin disc.  It’s a stirring studio date and contains my favorite La Fiesta – yup, performed by Chick Corea, Dave Liebman, Gene Perla & Co. (+killer Jan Hammer too on Lungs) round out this amazing early ’70’s re-introduction to Earth’

Buddy’s Dancing Men

Elvin’s Round Town


• Received an early Christmas gift of a classic (vintage 1940’s) William F. Ludwig drum kit, selected by Oregon Symphony principal percussionist Wayne Mercer
~ my parent’s vinyl collection begins to skip noticeably (more, and more)


• Studied percussion with Pacific University Department of Music Chairman, Dr. Albert Shaw


• Parents made me choose financially between Ski team and drumming
~ ‘Yo dudes, sold my skateboard & traded my dreams of Mt. Hood powder for a 1st Avedis Zildjian cymbal


• Painted my first house professionally (was paid) while becaming addicted to Chicago, Blood Sweat and Tears, Tower of Power, plus Maynard Ferguson & Maurice Andre recordings with best friend-trumpeter David Chartrey
~ Dave then promptly made me join his Dixieland band

Blood, Sweat & Tears, Spinning Wheel

Chicago’s I’m a Man

Tower of Power, Squib Cakes

Maynard’s Gospel John


1975 – 1976

• Began four pivotal years of study with Oregon Symphony percussionist Steve Lawrence
• Purchased a Deagan marimba (circa 1917) and immediately had it tuned closer to A 440
• First of four annual selections to Pacific University’s Music in May band/orchestra
• Percussion & drumset chair for musical Godspell
~ beginning a pro life in the pits
• Woody who?   Thundering what?

The ‘Herd, Live


1977 – 1979

• Percussionist, Portland Youth Philharmonic, Jacob Avshalomov conducting
• Named to Forest Grove High School Stage Band, directed by Elburn Cooper
• Percussionist for Theatre in the Grove bi-annual community musicals
• Joined jazz quartet, Nickel’s Dream, led by Portland area professionals Steve Blackman with Cheryl Alex
(through 1982)
~ “Steve, just one question — what exactly is Jack DeJohnette’s style and how does it go?”

Miroslav’s Freedom Jazz Dance


• Oregon Multi-percussion State Champion’s title
• Oregon All-State Band, section leader
• Oregon Honor Band, section leader
• F.G.H.S. Marching Band percussion arranger – 7th place band at Rose Festival


• Named All Northwest Orchestra tympanist/section leader, then transferred to the Symphonic Band by conductor/composer John Paynter to perform his Four Scottish Dances, etc . . .
• Studied with Diana Ross’ longtime drummer Mel Brown

Free at last,  free at last,

thank god I’ve made it to college at last!

1979 – 1983

• Attended Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
• Parents ceased asking when I was going to be home, and just handed me the Oldsmobile keys
• What is a Ko-Hawk, anyway
• Met guitarists Steve Salerno and Jim Yanda

 Hello Dr. Paul Smoker — hello new world order & views!

SRH, "The Trio", 1982

Paul Smoker, w/ “The Trio”


• Invited faculty member Dr. Paul Smoker and regional bass virtuoso Ron Rohovit to perform on my freshman jazz recital, the first concert by the collective SRH (Smoker/Rohovit&Haynes), which by 1984 became internationally known as The Paul Smoker Trio
• Joined the Musicians Union and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia a year late  
~“Oh, him.  He’s just that kid drummer from Oregon, “Mr. Popular”
• Extra percussionist Cedar Rapids Symphony Orchestra (through 1983)
• Percussionist, Miss Iowa Pageant (thru 1984), on TV(!!!)
• Met my future (and only) wife-to-be — she just didn’t know it yet


 • Coe College Outstanding Sophomore in Music Prize
~ to a concussionist?
• Co-produced festival featuring: Jack DeJohnette and John Abercrombie
• Joined regional legend & Iowa City pianist Steve Hillis for his Bill Evans’ styled trio w/Ron Rohovit (through 1983)
• Percussionist Cedar Rapids Community Theater annual Musical (through 1983)
• Scholarship student Banff Center for the Arts, workshop/performances with Anthony Braxton, Ed Blackwell, Dave Holland and Kenny Wheeler, among many
• The collective SRH (Smoker/Rohovit/Haynes) records our commercial(?) cassette demo, SRH


• Dean’s list
• Ditto college / Iowa routine
• Co-produced solo alto saxophone concert and workshop presenting Anthony Braxton


• Attended Coe College’s New York term, spring 1983, studying with Joanne Brackeen, David Koblitz, Lee Konitz, and David Liebman
• Co-produced jazz festival featuring Henry Threadgill’s trio Air
• Outstanding Senior in Music Prize
to a jazz drummer
• Bachelor of Music cum laude, Coe College
• Scholarship Student, Banff Center for the Arts, workshop/performances with Dave Holland, Kenny Wheeler, Don Thompson, and the Banff faculty Brass quintet, among many

Go East young man, go EAST!

“You owe, you owe, so it’s off to work you go . . . ”

August 1983

• Moved w/Jim Yanda to The Corner Store, 1657 8th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215  
~ Renovators ’R uS!
• 1st NYC gig: Telemarketing Associate
~ I always did have a smart mouth


• Purchased a junk “upright grand” / former player piano for $400 and began accruing debt as a New York professional
• 2nd NYC gig: Packing Clerk, New World Records
Paul Smoker Trio debut release (LP), QB, featuring Anthony Braxton, Alvas (AR-101),
documenting three of my early compositions, Gemini-Scorpio, Saeta + Blue Jungles, subsequently named
#1 Jazz Recording of the Year by critic Kevin Whitehead for Coda Magazine

The trio's first, w/ Braxton


• 3rd NYC gig: “Go-fer”, Carnegie Hall Administrative Offices
•  1st European tour featuring the Groningen and Moers New Jazz Festivals w/the old SRH book + our originals
Paul Smoker Trio’s second recording, including my tune ‘Shramba’
Mississippi River Rat (Sound Aspects-006)

@the ECM legend  "Ton Studio Bauer" w/engineer Martin Wieland


• Debut recording as a leader, The Phil Haynes Continuum: The Passing, an acoustic strings & percussion quartet featuring violinist Mark Feldman, pianist David Kikoski, and bassist Drew Gress, performing a set of all original Haynes compositions
~ Engineer David Baker asked for a loud tune for our initial sound check – SHRAMBA, tk.1 (and only) – after I’d drained most of a 1.5 litre Rene Junot bottle of vino just trying to stay calm



(Hayphil Music, BMI)

Ballad for Heike

(Hayphil Music, BMI) 

1986 – 1988

• Composer/arranger/percussion instructor, The Black Knight Competition Marching Band, Point Pleasant, WV. Their drum line had never previously ranked in the state’s top five — they then claimed first place in 1986
~ not bad for some jazz dude!



• Performer/producer, David Liebman & Friends – Homage to John Coltrane, Soundscape, NYC, w/ Joint Venture
• Recorded the eponymous debut by Joint Venture (Enja 5049), a composer’s collective featuring Ellery Eskelin, Paul Smoker, and Drew Gress, including my initial dedication to the quartet: ‘El-Smoke’

Joint Venture

•  SMOKE-OUT: Paul Smoker’s Coe farewell concert w/a double big band of alumni + current students + ‘The Trio’ performing his arrangements & compositions
• Recorded Jim Yanda Trio, Regional Cookin, a date of all Yanda originals + Monk’s ‘Round Midnight, w/Drew Gress

Jim Yanda Regional Cookin Cover

Boutiba’s Dream



• Guest artist/band leader for the Carnegie Hall Shelter Jazz Series (through 1990)
• Paul Smoker Trio’s third LP/CD release, Alone (Sound Aspects 018), including my ballad, ‘Alone’


• Office Manager, Carnegie Hall
• The Andy Laster CD release, Hippo Stomp (Sound Aspects 020) with Michelle Rosewoman, Frank Lacy & Drew Gress

Hippo Stomp

Ellery Eskelin LP release, Setting the Standard (Cadence Jazz Records 1044) with Drew Gress

Setting the Standard

~ Finally, there’s a taste of that “wider” time feel I was trying to develop and harness — thanks Drew & EL
Paul Smoker Trio’s 4th CD release, Come Rain or Come Shine (Sound Aspects 024)

Come Rain or Come Shine

The Call, pt. I

(Hayphil Music, BMI)

The Call, pt. II

 (Hayphil Music, BMI)

1989 – 1992

• Produced and coordinated the 1st four annual Corner Store Syndicate New Jazz Festivals at the Knitting Factory.  The annual three day festival was collectively organized to feature rising New York artists’ diverse compositions & ensembles. By 1993, our critically acclaimed festival was eventually reinvented as the Knitting Factory/JVC
“What is Jazz?” Festival


• Day job: full-time Painting Contractor (1990-2007)
~ “It’s a dirty job and we do it”
Andy Laster CD release,Twirler (Sound Aspects 035) featuring Hank Roberts, Herb Robertson, and Drew Gress


Joint Venture second CD release, Ways (Enja 6052)


Roberta’s Changes

(Hayphil Music, BMI)



Yup, it was a really good year. . . even Downbeat magazine took notice

The Phil Haynes Continuum CD release, The Passing (Owl time lines 3819072)


Where’s the Door?

(Hayphil Music, BMI)

• Haynes’ eponymous CD release, 4Horns&What? (Open Minds 2402) featuring Eskelin, Smoker, Laster, and Joe Daley

4 Horns & What

A Lil’ Iowa Get – Down


(Hayphil Music, BMI)

• Herb Robertson LP/CD release, Certified (JMT 849-150) featuring David Taylor, Mack Goldsbury, and Ed Schuller


• Tom Varner CD release, Long Night Big Day (New World Records 80410) featuring Ed Jackson, Rich Rothenberg, and Lindsay Horner

Long Night Big Day

Long Night Big Day

Ellery Eskelin CD release, Forms (Open Minds 2403) with Drew Gress

Forms, Open Minds

• Paul Smoker Trio’s 5th CD release, Genuine Fables (Hat Art 6126)

Genuine Fables

Total Eclipse

(Hayphil Music, BMI)


• Haynes’ second 4 Horns & What? CD release, 4 Horn Lore (Open Minds 2413) w/ Eskelin, Laster, Smoker, and Herb Robertson

4 Horn Lore


(Hayphil Music, BMI)

Adrienne’s JazzMarchRag


(Hayphil Music, BMI)

• Recorded with pianist Michael Jefry Stevens: Music For Percussion & Piano
• Producer/performer, The Collective Corner Store Syndicate Big Band, featuring appearances at the Knitting Factory, NYC, and the Leverkusen Festival. This unique ensemble featured original compositions by its performers including Tim Berne, Marty Ehrlich, Ellery Eskelin, Andy Laster, Steve Swell, David Taylor, Herb Robertson, Paul Smoker, Drew Gress, and yours truly


David Taylor CD release, Past Tells (New World Records 80436)
A Couch in Brooklyn informal recording session, w/pianist Micu Narunsky & bassist Drew Gress

A Couch in Brooklyn

Someday My Prince Will Come


Joint Venture,  3rd CD release, Mirrors (Enja 7049)


Dawn On The Gladys Marrie


(Hayphil Music, BMI)



Tom Chess debut CD release, Seven Times A Year (FootJumbo Records) w/ Drew Gress

7X cover (1)


• Don Byron concert, Alice Tully Hall, Bang On A Can Festival
• Phil Haynes’ 4 Horns & What?, BAM’s Next Wave Festival
• Mark Dresser leader’s debut, Force Green (Soul Note 121273) featuring Dave Douglas, Theo Bleckman & Denman Maroney

Force Green

Randy McKean debut CD release, So Dig This Big Crux (Rastascan BRD-012) w/ Paul Smoker and Drew Gress

So Dig This Big Crux

• Collective CD release, Trad Corrosion (Nabel 4673) w/ Gebhard Ullmann & Andreaus Willers

Trad Corrosion

Etude (pt.1) / Sharing A’yotte  / Windchime


(Hayphil Music, BMI)



Gebhard Ullmann CD release, Basement Research (Soul Note 121271) w/ Ellery Eskelin & Drew Gress

Basement Research

• Haynes’ new Hammond Insurgency debuts a week at the “Old” Knitting Factory, recording live for the Italian Black Saint/Soul Note label (May 8th-13th), featuring a unique Hammond B-3 trio with organ virtuoso Jeff Palmer + Paul Smoker

Live Insurgency Set I

So Miles

 (Hayphil Music, BMI)


Vinny Golia/Paul Smoker CD release, Halloween (CIMP 129) with bassist Ken Filiano
• Collective CD release, A Couch in Brooklyn (Maisberger&Partner Vol.I) w/ Micu Narunsky & Drew Gress

A Couch in Brooklyn

In A Sentimental Mood



Hammond Insurgency CD release, Live Insurgency, Vol. I (Soul Note 121302), my first organ trio w/ Jeff Palmer & Paul Smoker — Live Insurgency Vol.II remains in the Soul Note vaults
• Vinny Golia/Paul Smoker CD release, Halloween the Sequel (Nine Winds 0207), with Ken Filiano

Halloween, the Sequel

How can you possibly call yourself a ‘professional’ musician

if all you do is lose (lots of) money + work a day job

to support your musical habit?



Gebhard Ullmann’s 2nd Basement Research CD release, Kreuzberg Park East (Soul Note121371)

Kreuzberg Park East

• Haynes’ eponymous CD release, Free Country (Premonition 6691 7 90744 2 9) w/ Jim Yanda, Hank Roberts &  Drew Gress

Free Country

Mari’s Wedding



Phil Haynes/Herb Robertson CD release, Brooklyn-Berlin (CIMP 218) w/ Ned Rothenberg, Vinny Golia & Ken Filiano


Brooklyn – Berlin  

(Hayphil Music, BMI)

Herb Robertson/Phil Haynes duet CD release, Ritual (CIMP 222)


Ritual: Part IV

(Hayphil Music, BMI)

• Haynes’ Free Country CD release, Shennandoah (Maisberger&Partner Vol. II)


Amazing Grace



Paul Smoker CD release, Brass Reality (Nine Winds 0241), w/David Taylor & Herb Robertson

Brass Reality

• Guest Instructor, Barbados Community College, lectured on the history of jazz, taught private studio, plus gave numerous master class/workshops on improvisation + small group interaction and execution
• Phil Haynes Solo percussion CD recording session, Sanctuary, for WDR Berlin


(Adrienne L. Schott)



• Phil Haynes’s Free Country II recording session, The Way The West Was Won (Maisberger& Partner)

Cowboy Diplomacy

Simple Gifts

• Haynes’ first No Fast Food recording session w/a colleague not to be named + Drew Gress
(left for dead) — sadly, an unsuccessful recording date
~ live & learn, die & forget it all


 It would prove a prophetic title (!)


After 20 years, you could paint houses in Lewisburg, PA, just as well as New York City — as long as you’re going to be professionally under-employed  & increasingly cynical.




• Moved principal residence to Lewisburg, PA, living full time with my wife for the first time
• The Corner Store continues as my NYC rehearsal & crash space
• Haynes’ No Fast Food with Greg Tardy & Drew Gress, at the Lewisburg Hotel Ballroom



• Produced Drew Gress recording date, 7 Black Butterflies (Premonition Records), w/ Ralph Alessi, Tim Berne, Craig Taborn & Tom Rainey
• Ellery Eskelin’s CD re-release, Forms (hatOLOGY 592)

Ellery Eskelin Forms (CD, Jun-2004, Hatology) Drew Gress

 EL’s classic 2nd trio date – zowie!

• Formed regional trio, Adams/Stetz & Haynes with pianist Steve Adams and bassist Bill Stetz, to explore the pianist/composer tradition from Scott Joplin through Keith Jarret. Remarkably, they continued for world-record holding 7 years of weekly boot camp ala’ Phil




• Adam Caine CD release, Pipe (TrueFalse Music), w/ bassist Ken Filiano


• Paul Smoker Notet CD release, Live at the Bop Shop (Anjas Music), w/ Steve Salerno + bassist Ed Schuller (WOW!)

Live at the Bop Shop

• Producer & founder Jazz@Bucknell “First Wednesday’s chamber series”, Bucknell Hall
• Percussionist with Penn Central Wind Band
• Performing monthly with guest New York improvisers at the Equinox Café, Milheim, PA, hosted by Tim Bowser, w/ performances by visiting artists Bobby Avey, Kevin Bacon, Ken Filiano, Mike McNeil, Joe Michaels, Steve Salerno, Ed Schuller, Paul Smoker, Andrea Walberg, Jim Yanda, etc . . .



• Gebhard Ullmann’s 3rd Basement Research CD release, Live in Munster (Not Two MW 773-2), w/ Drew & Tony Malaby

Live in Munster

• Percussionist Bucknell Symphonia under Christopher Para, premier of Jackson Hill’s Symphony No. 2 and Symphony No.3
• Met legendary Harrisburg, PA pianist Steve Rudolph — and life was immediately way better in ole Pennsyltucky!

Steve Rudolph, Yamaha Artist

Day Dream


• Regular concerts w/Rudolph and Tony Micelli, John Swana, Tim Warfield, J. D.Waters, etc
• Named staff director of the Bucknell University Bison (Pep!) Band

~ Life changed for good

as I fell in total love with a new home, community,

a wonderful academic career opportunity plus a life under one roof with my bride.


2007 – 2010

• Appointed Kushell Jazz Artist in Residence, Department of Music, Bucknell University
• Annual course offerings: Introduction to Classic Jazz as well as Intro to Modern Jazz
• Director/creator of BIIE (Bucknell Interdisciplinary Improvisation Ensemble), including student/faculty Masterclasses & ensemble performances w/ Ursula Oppens, ETHEL, Mark Feldman, Sylvie Courvousier, David Liebman, Herb Robertson, Gebhard Ullmann . . .


• Bucknell Jazz Band Soloists & Rhythm section coach
• Private lesson offerings in Improvisation, Composition, Arranging & Percussion
• Host of Bucknell’s Jazz Open Forum – public classic film footage viewings & discussion
• Producer & performer for the Bucknell Jazz Impromptu Series, including concerts with Billy Childs, Varden Ovsepian, John Stowell, David Liebman, Joshua Davis, Joel Frahm, Tim Warfield, Drew Gress, Bill Carrothers, Tony Marino, Steve Rudolph . . .
• Artist lesion for the Janet Weis Cabaret Jazz Series
• Annual Presenter, Faculty Learning Series (FLS)
• Producer, 2009-2010 Music Department’s Gallery Series
• Guest Clinican, Mansfield University
Patriot League Academic Conference lecture/concert
• Invited Guest lecturer to courses offered in Dance, Literature, Engineering, Computer Science, as well as Music
• Successful Student Letters of Recommendation for the Banff Center for the Arts & Interlochen Arts Academy, as well as graduate programs by: The Manhattan School of Music; Michigan; Colorado; and Fullbright Fellowships, among many



• Day Dream CD recording, live @Bucknell’s Janet Weis Cabaret Series, w/ pianist Steve Rudolph + Drew Gress


Lover Man


Theme for Maxine



2010 – 2012

• Artist ‘Affiliate’ at Bucknell University
• Director of BIIE
• Private studio offerings in Improvisation, Composition, Arranging & Drumset
• Director of the Bison Band
• Course offerings: Intro to Modern Jazz; Intro to Classic Jazz, plus William Duckworth’s “Jazz, Rock & the Avant Garde”
• Producer of JAZZ@BUCKNELL
• Producer & performer for the Bucknell JAZZ IMPROMPTU SERIES
• Jazz Band Soloists & Rhythm Section clinician
• Founding faculty member of the Bucknell Innovation Group (BIG)
• Faculty Learning Series Presenter
• SAMI Music House faculty adviser
• Spinning Instructor
• Recordings with BIIE, Kelly Knox, Nicholas Horner, Herb Robertson, Paul Smoker, Steve Salerno, Ken Filiano, Michael McNeil, Drew Gress, David Liebman – with additional concerts featuring Eddie Severn, Steve Rudolph, Barry Long, Joshua Davis, Tim Warfield and Gary Thomas
~ Btw, notice significant differences in academic duties pre-2010 despite the discontinuation of my A-in-R title, which caused my paycheck to immediately fall 25% (ouch!)?   My Dean’s office colleagues were very supportive but were ultimately helpless in our quest for continuing my former title’s funding levels


• Interim Director of Jazz Studies, Susquehanna University (2011/12): Jazz History; Jazz Band; Improvisation Studio; Small Groups
• Ditto essentially identical Bucknell responsibilities as 2010
 ~ Naturally, at this point I had the audacity to point out that after 5+ years I continued to teach comparable loads (University-wide) to full-time colleagues – for still less than a beginning custodial wage.  Most administrators were impressed, yet I was unsuccessful in my quest for a more equitable financial arrangement. 
• Paul Smoker Notet’s second CD release, Cool Lives, trio w/ Steve Salerno (recorded live for Jazz@Bucknell)

Cool Lives

• Michael McNeill, debut CD release, Passageways, w/Ken Filiano


Nobody’s Waltz




• Spring semester, full-time responsibilities continue at Bucknell
• Fall semester, retroactively (dis)qualified to only teach private studio students + the Bucknell Bison Band

The one constant in life is change,


change is a very good thing, unless one fails to adapt !

• Nicholas Horner debut CD release, The Wells, trio w/ Herb Robertson

The Wells

My 1st Bucknellian’s savvy debut

Amazing Grace

The Way the West was Won, the second CD of new arrangements released by Free Country

Cowboy Diplomacy

The Magnificient Seven


The Tennessee Waltz


~ not since 1991 had I been featured on six new releases – yesssssss!

CornerStoreJazz is conceived and hatched

~ the virtual new world order: Publisher ‘R Us!
• Haynes’ The Code, CD of my compositions in duet w/ NEA Jazz Master, David Liebman

The Code

Zen duets

Blues For Israel / Incantation 

(Hayphil Music, BMI)

The Hammond Brothers: Organicity, w/co-leader Jim Yanda & guest PA organist Steve Adams


 searing, bluesy jazz

Blues for Israel 

(Hayphil Music, BMI)

• Jim Yanda Trio: Regional Cookin’, w/ bassist Drew Gress

Regional Cookin'

 Roadhouse jamin’

Tale Weaver

No Fast Food, w/Drew Gress + David Liebman: Workin’ It — Together  ~ Hayphil Music, BMI

Workin' It --- Together

• Paul Smoker Notet CD, Landings (Alvas Records)

Landings, aka. "ACM"

 lush, live quartet music & Smoker’s last as a leader

• Haynes / Smoker: It Might Be Spring, live duets w/Paul Smoker (Alvas Records & CornerStoreJazz)

 Our standard duo!

By Myself


My Funny Valentine



2014 . . .

• Interim Director of Jazz Studies (spring ’14), Nazareth College,
including: Jazz Theory; Jazz Band; Small Groups; Improvisation Studio
~ Oh gawd, how I do love teaching! 
Michael Jefry Stevens / Phil Haynes CD release, Music For Piano & Percussion 
(publish pending, winter, 2015)
Phil Haynes solo CD release: Sanctuary – solo for WDR , CornerStoreJazz – 0086
(publish pending, winter/summer, 2015)


Prayers — Refracted (CornerStoreJazz -1011-DVD)
is recorded live w/Nick Horner, Kelly Knox & Herb Robertson

Kelly Knox w/REFRACTED

No Fast Food, w/Drew Gress & David Liebman: IN CONCERT — Set 1 / Set 2  
(2 CD set release September, 2014)

Workin' It --- Together

The Code


(Hayphil Music, BMI)

Free Country (live), w/Drew Gress, Hank Roberts + Jim Yanda: SOMETHING Beatles 
 (LP release fall, 2014)


. . . and the hits  just keep on a comin’


sing together now:

“On the road again . . . “

my lovely, gifted, and sage
Southern auntie Martha would say,

Well, there’s one thing’s for certain —

life is never boring!


May god help every S.O.B out there, ‘cause they ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

as well as,

You’ve really got to admire those individuals

who are at least “as good as they think they are” —

As for the rest  —  well .  .  .


not to mention,

You were earnest and honorable throughout — questioning only responsibility and fairness —

so you wouldn’t have, nor shouldn’t have, done a damn thing different.



Forgiving is easy.  

Forgetting is the real bitch.


as my mother’s grandmama Louder, from Georgia, famously summed-up life:

Live and learn.

Die and forget it all.

as well as

I believe there are a thousand paths

to god and enlightenment —

I just hope to hell I’m on one of them.


Looking forward!
~ Phil