Nicholas Horner, original cover art


as  a  LEADER










CONTINUUM: The Passing”

w/ Mark Feldman, violin; David Kikoski, piano; Drew Gress, bass
Owl Time Lines 3819072

primary source originals.


 virtuoso violinist Mark Feldman’s jazz debut.



I listened to the music of Phillip Haynes with pleasure.   It has character, it communicates thoughtfulness, and very evident are long intricate and compelling lines of musical discourse.   It is music written for the ear but finely molded by a highly developed musical intelligence . . . The performance throughout is highly professional and I believe will delight listeners.

Lorin Maazel, conductor 

New York Philharmonic








• “4 Horns & What?”

w/ Ellery Eskelin, tenor saxophone; Andy Laster, flute, alto/baritone
saxophones; Paul Smoker, trumpet; Joe Daley, low brass
Open Minds 2402

4 Horns & WHO?












The group [4 Horns & What?]. . . used neither a bassist nor a pianist, and either would have destroyed the debut of an extremely promising band . . . an ideal band.

– Peter Watrous

The New York Times






•  “4 Horn Lore”

w/ Andy Laster, flute, alto/baritone saxophones; Ellery Eskelin, tenor
saxophone; Paul Smoker, trumpet; Herb Robertson, multi-brass
Open Minds 2413



4 Horns & HELLO!?!

4 Horn Lore









audacious & iconic.






In addition to displaying as much taste as another drummer named [Roy] Haynes, Phil turns in such varied and colorful scores that nothing here sounds like a percussion concerto, except the gorgeous “Ballad for Heike,” which is supposed to. A

– Francis Davis

The Village Voice









piano trio standards

A Couch in Brooklyn

1st Edition.


•  “A Couch in Brooklyn”

w/ Micu Narunsky, piano; Drew Gress, bass
Maisberger & Partner, Limited First Edition, Vol. I






Joint Venture’s Drew Gress & Phil Haynes comprise one of the most important rhythm teams since Dave Holland & Jack Dejohnette.

~  Hans Wendl 









•  “Live Insurgency” — Set I

w/ Jeff Palmer, Hammond B-3 organ; Paul Smoker, trumpet
Soul Note 121302


live at the ‘old’ Knitting Factory.  

Live at the Knitting Factory

trumpet & organ now that’s a sound!

•  “Live Insurgency” —  Set II

w/ Jeff Palmer, Hammond B-3 organ; Paul Smoker, trumpet
Soul Note, release pending









Phil Haynes not only proved worthy of the [solo] opportunities accorded him, [his] sharply contrasting tunes ranked among the evening’s highlights.

 ~ Mike Joyce 

The Washington Post











complete original suite


Free Country, vol. I

1st edition


• FREE COUNTRY: Shenandoah”

w/ Hank Roberts, cello & voice; Jim Yanda, guitar; Drew Gress, bass
Maisberger & Partner, Limited First Edition, Vol. 2



•  “Free Country”

w/ Jim Yanda, guitar; Hank Roberts, cello & voice; Drew Gress, bass
Premonition Records 6691 7 90744 2 9

 No question about it:

The finest jazz-grass of ’em all.

phil haynes

US release, Premonition Records





“Phil Haynes is a well-known drummer who has performed with the creme de la creme of modern jazz stylists . . .

Wonderfully recorded direct-to-stereo, sans amplification, Haynes and his cohorts extend . . . concepts actualized by guitarist Bill Frisell . . .

Throughout, Haynes & Free Country breathe new life into American heritage and traditionalism with this joyous and to a greater extent, ingenious and immaculately executed outing.”

~ Stef 







•  “The Way the West was Won”

w/ Jim Yanda, guitar; Hank Roberts, cello/voice; Drew Gress, bass
Maisberger & Partner, Limited First Edition, Vol. 3

manifest destiny,

Cowboy Diplomacy 




It’s the American Opera.  Our past century’s campfire sing-alongs.  It’s our nation, growing up.








•  “The Code”

w/ David Liebman, saxophones/wooden flutes/piano/percussion
CornerStoreJazz 0101

  2 hours & done!


 the Liebman duets.





I  NEVER made a duo record with a drummer like that before, that’s for SURE.


‘Yo — I would hope NOT!!!


Even ten years ago YOU KNOW we’d have filled every space RIGHT UP.









essential originals


w/ Gress & Liebman   ’nuff said.


• NO FAST FOOD: Workin’ It — Together”

w/ Drew Gress, bass; David Liebman, woodwinds
CornerStoreJazz 0106





There’s a lot to be said for youthful energy and new ideas . . .  from my perspective as a listener, there are certainly those musicians whose most creative work happens earlier rather than later in their careers . . .

What I find most satisfying is the music of seasoned musicians who individually bring a lifetime of experience to their work and who in groups, bring a level of communication that reflects many, many years together.  That is definitely the case with this . . .

~ Jim Lanior

Moers Festival








w/Jim Yanda, guitar, and guest organist/composer Steve Adams
CornerStoreJazz 0096

the Pennsyltucky jam band

The Hammond Bros.

takin’ NO prisoners.


“The rural grit of this modern territory band unmistakably both lauds and extends the great Hammond Organ lineage.”      

~ CornerStoreJazz









essential originals


the definitive Haynes trio.


NO FAST FOOD: “In  Concert

w/ Drew Gress, bass; David Liebman, woodwinds
CornerStoreJazz 0107/08




“A two disc set of all original material from drummer Haynes that evolves into ongoing lyrical conversations . . .  creates, deconstructs and reassembles tunes at will.  Dynamics move with an almost spatial grandeur . . . They just don’t make them like this anymore! 

Ridiculously good  — one of the two best trios since the legendary Elvin Jones trio.  

*  *  *  *  *   “

~ Brent Black







•  Sanctuary”

for WDR Berlin
Phil Haynes, solo drum set, found instruments, & hand percussion
CornerStoreJazz 0085
[release pending]

winning new music,                        





“Remarkable is Phil Haynes: just like Jack DeJohnette or Bob Moses he is broadening the beat by means of a significantly melodic component. You don’t have to be a prophet to foresee a great future . . .”

~ Heinrich Oehmsen 

Szene, Hamburg











“Prayers” — REFRACTED

DVD w/ Nicholas Horner, baritone voice; Kelly Knox, dance; Herb Robertson, brass
CornerStoreJazz 0109
[release pending]


  spontaneously staged

  – anywhere!

Kelly Knox w/REFRACTED

movin’ Kelly Knox —- REFRACTED


Jazz, Moves & Glass” — REFRACTED

w/ Nicholas Horner, baritone voice; Kelly Knox, dance; Herb Robertson, brass
CornerStoreJazz 0109
[release pending]











  No Fast Food – In Concert: Nicholas Horner, original cover art