Trad Corrosion

Trad Corrosion


Nabel Records 4673 (1995)
Composer’s collective featuring:
Ullmann, bass clarinet, soprano/tenor saxophones; Andreaus Willers, guitars







recording Trad Corrosion with Gebhard Ullmann at the SFB studios in the former East Berlin, the producers for German radio invited me to record my first solo percussion recording. The SFB studio had been built in the 1920’s to house rehearsals and recordings of the Berlin Philharmonic. The 40’ ceilings of this cavernous studio created an environment ideal for my “too soft for live performance” percussive creations, as well as a powerful ally in the traditional “drumming thunder” of my instrumental lineage.


 “A hushed, modern & precise post-Zorn environment”

\~ CSJ




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